A Dynamic Duo – Joyce and Jody

Two years ago, Jody Sanders and Joyce Sawyer walked through the doors at ASF|CFC and began their CrossFit journey. They are both life-long exercisers having previously participated in a variety of different regimens.  Both were cheerleaders during their HS careers… Read more »

Meet Debbie Welch

Hands down one of my most favorite people.  Generous. Kind. Giving. Trustworthy. Selfless…  those a just a few words that describe this GORGEOUS woman… well lookey there, another descriptive word fit for this incredibly intelligent friend of mine! I think… Read more »

Meet Stephanie Belanger

Stephanie is a military spouse transplant from Canada!  She is also the neighbor of coach Dee and Tam! Thanks for bringing her into the family guys!  She loves early mornings… especially the 0500 class…  read that drippin’ with sarcasm…  😉 … Read more »