Meet Kayla Michaud – YOUR Always Strong Dietitian!

My name is Kayla Michaud and I have been a Registered Dietitian since October of 2017. As a kid, I was always involved in multiple sports and loved being active. This carried on throughout my adolescence and teenage years and… Read more »

A Dynamic Duo – Joyce and Jody

Two years ago, Jody Sanders and Joyce Sawyer walked through the doors at ASF|CFC and began their CrossFit journey. They are both life-long exercisers having previously participated in a variety of different regimens.  Both were cheerleaders during their HS careers… Read more »

Determination Tears

“There’s no crying in baseball!” “There’s no crying in baseball!!!  This quote from Tom Hanks in the movie “A League of Their Own” has become a household go to for my family.  There’s no crying in… (insert anything that fits… Read more »

Meet Debbie Welch

Hands down one of my most favorite people.  Generous. Kind. Giving. Trustworthy. Selfless…  those a just a few words that describe this GORGEOUS woman… well lookey there, another descriptive word fit for this incredibly intelligent friend of mine! I think… Read more »