Rachel’s Story

This gorgeous gal came to me a little over 5 weeks ago with a goal to look strong, feel strong, maybe lose a little weight, and be a ROCKSTAR in her wedding dress come December! NO PROBLEM!!!! While she was… Read more »

Never Forget

Contrary to what the MSM wants us to believe about our country, I WILL NEVER be ashamed to be an American. I WILL ALWAYS stand for the National Anthem. I WILL NEVER forget the tragedy of this day, and I… Read more »

The Warfield Shield

TBH, this game SHOULDN’T be all that important to me as I do not have children at either school NOR do I have children that play the game of football… At least not as far as the American definition of… Read more »

Member of the Week

Meet Coach Tim Hamilton! Tim is on his way out of the US Army after a whole lotta years of service and is heading up the USA Weightlifting sanctioned Clarksville Weightlifting Club at Always Strong Fitness | CrossFit Clarksville! We… Read more »