Rachel’s Story

This gorgeous gal came to me a little over 5 weeks ago with a goal to look strong, feel strong, maybe lose a little weight, and be a ROCKSTAR in her wedding dress come December! NO PROBLEM!!!! While she was not well versed in the macronutrients or tracking said nutrients… she didn’t bring with her a negative relationship with food or …. and PRAISE THE GOOD LORD FOR THIS… any relationship with the stupid scale!

I was ecstatic to get to work with her and hopefully help lead her down a path of self discovery. You see, when I work with a nutrition client, I don’t want them to be dependent upon me for the rest of their lives. I want to help them achieve their short term goals while equipping them with the knowledge and tools to someday fly from the nutritional nest and transition into what is known in the nutritional arena as “intuitive eating”.

The sentiment has been expressed to me… “But Reagan, if they leave you they don’t pay you…” True, perhaps encouraging the baby birds to leave the proverbial nest eventually isn’t going to make me rich, but what it WILL do is empower my clients (mostly women) to live independently, richly, and happily LONG TERM.

You see, LONGEVITY is what we preach at Always Strong Fitness. When I continuously talk to our members and potential new members about our WHY… it boils down to living a life; physically, mentally, nutritionally, & spiritually that YOU are capable of sustaining long term. What makes this so stinkin’ hard is that what is sustainable long term is different for literally every individual. Obviously, as a gym owner, my main focus is helping people work on the physical and nutritional aspects of their lives sooooooo… Rachel and I met and together we developed a plan that we THOUGHT would work for her.

She spent one whole week agonizing over the numbers and not being able to hit any of them… We met again for some Sunday Morning Starbucks and worked through some things… After this she was rockin’ and rollin’ for several weeks…


Rachel’s fiance returned from a LONG deployment. I MEAN OMG… All my military wives out there know what this means… She proceeded to have a VERY GOOD TIME over the next 2-3 weeks traveling, getting hitched at the JP (BIG FANCY DAY COMING SOON), and just generally enjoying reuniting with her soldier and indulging more than any nutrition coach is allowed to approve of ;-)… She didn’t always answer my daily check-ins, and she didn’t always hit her numbers… SHOOT… somedays … and she hasn’t actually told me this… but I’m willing to bet that somedays she didn’t even THINK about tracking her food! But what she DID DO is why I am so stinkin’ proud of her and TBH why I am writing this blog!

SHE PAID ATTENTION. Although she didn’t always answer my texts, I know she was paying attention! She made choices. Hard ones sometimes… She didn’t ALWAYS indulge, although I’m sure she reeeeeeeally wanted to. She listened to her gut. She prioritized the choices of the day and she enjoyed her life with her new husband while putting into practice some of the knowledge, tips, tricks I had previously given her.

She doesn’t even know it, but she already has one foot out the nest! She ate intuitively ALL BY HERSELF!

I’m so happy for you Rachel Inman and I hope you continue to enjoy life with your new husband! I’ll be here if you need me! 😉

…. OH, and she LOST 12 POUNDS in 5 weeks! BOOM!