Member of the Week

Meet Melissa Guest! Melissa has been with us off and on for several years! THIS YEAR she becomes Mrs. Cory Meyer and she is SO EXCITED! She has an incredible smile and always works hard in the gym when she’s not “Nurse – ing” others! 😉

1.Describe yourself in 3 words.

On a good day: happy, chill, hungry lol 

On a less than good day: lazy, tired, sassy

2. What is your spirit animal?

Red tailed hawk not because I can fly or anything, they have just always been a constant reminder that God is watching over us and sees all we do. He is a living God and is present in my everyday life. Seeing these hawks just reminds me of this. 

A close second would be a sloth…I’m slow I eat a lot and  I would sleep at least 14 hrs a day if I could.

3.What do you do for a living?

Point of Care coordinator/ medical technologist at Skyline…I play with every fluid your body can produce 😷

4. What is your favorite CF workout? Why? 

Ones that included little to no cardio, and see how I described my self on less than a good day lol 

5. What is your favorite cheat meal and where would you go to get it?

All the chick fil a or a milkshake, also from chick fil a. I’m fairly certain they drug their food (it’s so addicting) 

6. What is it you are most passionate about?

Trying to figure that out ha ha, 27 is an odd age. But right now it’s just work mainly and building up my skills/knowledge/bank account. Family is also very important to me but there is no cause/ hobby/ interest that is just super grabbing all my attention right now. I like trying new things and feel my passion will find me along the way. 

7. Dogs or Cats? Why?

Dogs…if you’ve seen my insta/Facebook my dog is my life lol they are just fun and funny and always so excited to see you where as cats could care less that you walk on the earth. The love of a dog is unconditional.

8. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

What didn’t I want to be…it ranged from meteorologist to author/illustrator to a vet to a photographer to a doctor and at one point I think a dinosaur