The Warfield Shield

TBH, this game SHOULDN’T be all that important to me as I do not have children at either school NOR do I have children that play the game of football… At least not as far as the American definition of “football” goes. πŸ˜‰

For the last several years I have attended the game to watch one of our very own Always Strong Teens, Austin Gibbs play for Rossview. It is a HUGE rivalry here in town and always a great time! Austin began working out with us when he was 12! His parents have been members of the Always Strong FitFam since the beginning and his Dad, Jess even helped build the current facility from an old nasty machining warehouse to the pure awesomeness that you know and love today!

Austin Gibbs Junior 2019

Attending this game over the last several years has been fun because High School football IS fun to watch, but THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT… THIS YEAR WE HAVE TWO ALWAYS STRONG TEENS IN THE MIX!

Joining Austin on the gridiron this year as a freshman is Coach Jen’s boy, Davin! Jen has been a part of the coaching staff since 2010. She goes WAAAAAAY back to the days in my garage on Quincy Lane when our kids would sit inside, in the bonus room destroying some goldfish and fruit snacks! πŸ˜‰

Davin Garinger Freshman 2019

IT IS CRAZY TO THINK that Davin, the same little kid that would ride a tricycle in my driveway just a few short years ago, could be on the field as the quarterback for CHS while Austin is on the other side of the ball for RHS attempting to crush him from the linebacker position!

WHAT’S MORE?! Coach Jen, DAVIN’S MOMMA (along with ALL the ASF|CFC coaches) has had a STRONG influence on both of these young athletes. She has coached them both extensively at ASF|CFC! As any good coach would, Jen poured into these two teens over the years and their physical readiness is ON POINT. I have a feeling that come Friday night though… Jen might wish we hadn’t poured quite so much into Austin! πŸ˜‰

I invite ALL of you ASF FitFam members to join us on Friday as we cheer on both of these kiddos in one of the biggest rivalries in Clarksville history! I honestly can’t think of anything more exciting than watching two of our Always Strong Kids achieve greatness in the sport they love due in large part to the hard work, dedication, and guidance of their ASF coaches!