Fit Freakin’ Friday

I’ve got to say something!!! I’ve got to shout from the rooftops the success of one our our amazing ASF members!

Katie Gibbs has been quietly, consistently, & purposefully CRUSHING HER GOALS! She came to me AFTER losing 30+ pounds ON HER OWN! I mean if that doesn’t scream commitment, I don’t know what does! I had been noticing her efforts in the gym and I had certainly noticed her efforts in the kitchen!

She had hit a plateau with her weight loss and deep down she knew there was more work that could be done. Inside I was squealing like a little girl hoping that she would entrust me to help her keep moving forward. We had a little powwow when she tipping in at 165 pounds. We re-worked her macro numbers and on 4-April-2019 she began again, refocused and ready to KEEP KILLIN’ IT!

….And KILL IT SHE DID! She is now down to 130 from 165 IN THREE MONTHS! Do not be fooled. This was NOT easy. There is absolutely NO goal achieved without hard work and SACRIFICE! I am so stinking proud of this chick and so HAPPY to be privileged to get to see her completely morph from a very shy, overweight, self conscious girl into a fierce, confident, PROUD, and self assured young woman!

Check this before/after photo…

GUESS WHAT! She’s not done! NOT EVEN CLOSE! We began a new phase of her nutrition progression on Monday and I can’t wait to see her in another 3 months! STAY TUNED!!! 😉

Also, if you want to see results like Katie… hit me up! I have three different nutrition programs and I would love nothing more than to see YOU achieve your WILDEST DREAMS! Be on the lookout for an email outlining these exciting plans that YOU can take advantage of JUST LIKE KATIE!

Talk soon! -Reagan


“I never thought I could ever get to 130 pounds.” – Katie