Coaches Corner – Episode 1

We have an incredibly deep pool of knowledge and expertise here at Always Strong Fitness | CrossFit Clarksville.  Today marks the start of a new series of posts where we intend to tap into this aforementioned GIANT, constantly growing pool!  First up is Coach Tim Hamilton on dealing with difficulties, failures, and frustrations in your training!

It’s GOOD STUFF so enjoy!

Life can be hard and your workout might be one of the hardest things you do each day. It’s even harder if you’re a head case!
If you spend enough time in a CrossFit affiliate gym, you are bound to hear a few choice four-letter words followed sharply by two handles joined by a cable flying across the room at a high rate of speed like a bola seeking the legs of a wild beast.  If you haven’t seen this phenomenon, there is a good chance that it could have been you who initiated the solo-flight of a speed rope during a fit of sweaty, swear word inducing rage. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Just come watch yours truly on a bad day with my love-hate relationship with the Snatch, problem solved.

Anger is a normal human emotion.  What matters here is not that you got upset and acted like an embarrassing buffoon.  What really matters is what you do after your colorful display of primal rage. Do you quit or do you dig your heels in and continue to fight?  Sometimes you’ll have to walk away; others you bite your lip and grind it out to the end. I had to walk away recently from an attempted weightlifting session.  I went home, pulled out my books, Coach’s Eye videos, and favorite internet video channels and spent the next two hours trying to figure out what went so horribly wrong.  It is important to know who you are. Have you reached the point of diminishing returns, or are you ready to charge ahead to the finish line? I was at that point where nothing good was going to happen and had to walk away in order to live to fight another day.  

Have patience.  There will always be weaknesses within specific skills or modal domains.  Sometimes it is because you are new, other times it is because you are a head case like myself, but it will always be because you are human.  Strive every day to be the best version of you that you can be, never give up! The coaches and your fellow athletes are here with you, every day.  Though we may all be at different points within our fitness journey, we are all fighting the same fight that you are.

-Tim Hamilton