Today’s Bright Spot is about one very special woman who just recently celebrated her 2 year anniversary at ASF!  She is a wife, a mother, a teacher, and at 50 she’s determined to be better than what most of society tells us a 50 year old should be!

When she finally succumbed to Coach Katie Palenzuela’s “gentle encouragement” and entered our facility two years ago, she could barely squat to a box and running?  Fah-Get-About-It!  😉  Now she does ALL THE THINGS, through the heat of the Tennessee summer and the frigid winters!  She is truly an inspiration and an example for our over 50 population!

Here’s a little something from the Coach that brought her through our doors…

Two years ago my ‘post office friend’ walked into CrossFit Clarksville for the first time, mostly bc she was sick of me nagging her.🤷🏻‍♀️ She was her usual smiling self but I knew she was nervous. One Saturday WOD with the CFC Community was all it took! She was hooked! Karel won’t mind me telling you she’s over 50 & never imagined herself doing something like CrossFit…And what’s more, she’s getting better at it! Every. Single. Day.

Of course there were a lot of “I can’ts” in that first couple of months, but she kept coming!  That is the true beauty of it all. She couldn’t do everything like some of the other people in the class.  Sometimes in the beginning we would modify the entire workout for her, but ego isn’t an issue with Karel and she showed up CONSISTENTLY and DID THE WORK.  The work that was set before HER, she did it and she didn’t complain.  In fact most days she left with a gigantic smile on her face for successfully climbing whatever mountain she had climbed on that particular day!

It didn’t take long for her to start setting goals. I will NEVER forget the day she ran her first 400m.  Running was something Karel was told she would “never” do again. I mean after all, she is 50!!!  INSERT BIG FAT EYE ROLL HERE!  She was the last one back to the door, but she wasn’t alone – the 4:30PM crowd went out to run with her or to cheer her along as she finished.

Karel is a true inspiration to everyone she meets – not just because she discovered her inner athlete at 53, but because she is one of the brightest souls I know, and a huge asset to our CrossFit Family. Happy Anniversary my happy friend! 💙💚💜

May you live long and CrossFit!!