Meet Kayla Michaud – YOUR Always Strong Dietitian!

My name is Kayla Michaud and I have been a Registered Dietitian since October of 2017. As a kid, I was always involved in multiple sports and loved being active. This carried on throughout my adolescence and teenage years and when I started college (with no idea what I wanted to do) I figured I would succeed in school of Health and Sports Sciences. I decided to major in Exercise Science and was fascinated by how the body moves and all the factors that go into muscle building, fat loss, recovery…etc. We were also required to take a few basic nutrition classes since food and fitness go hand-in-hand. This is where I developed my love for nutrition. I never thought I would be a good dietitian because I love what most people deem as “unhealthy” foods. My favorite foods in this world are donuts and cheeseburgers – not really a good dietitian’s choice. But the more I learned, I realized that so many issues develop from this categorization of “good” and “bad” foods; that so many people are developing unhealthy relationships with foods and that negative emotions can have a huge impact on what and how much we are eating. All this to say, I switched my major to Dietetics, finished my Bachelor’s Degree in 2016, went on to complete my Dietetic Internship in 2017 and now am finding my niche as a dietitian.

I believe in four things regarding nutrition:

  1. All foods fit
  2. Moderation
  3. Food is fuel
  4. The mind, body, and spirit work together


I truly believe all foods can fit into a healthy diet. I say this because I am not willing to give up most of my sweets and I am sure not going to tell a client to do something I am not willing to do myself. Also, I feel like we need to work on mending our relationship with food and overly restricting our diets is not the way to do so. My goal is to not restrict or eliminate all the foods you love – I really believe you get enjoyment from food and from eating and I want you to still have that.

That’s where #2 comes into play: moderation. Just because I love donuts and cheeseburgers does not mean I eat them everyday, or even every week. Moderation looks different for everyone and I am passionate about developing personalized goals for each client I meet.

Food is fuel. If you don’t believe me keep a food diary for one week and write down how you feel about 30 minutes post meals. You will see that when you eat a healthy meal full of good sources of CHO, PRO, and FAT, you will feel energized and your workouts will be a lot more rewarding. When you eat crap food you will feel tired, lethargic, and bloated, and if you do decide to workout, you will most likely be trying to “undo” whatever you just ate. That’s a mindset I want everyone to get out of! I’ve personally been in both situations and I can assure you the first one is a lot better

Lastly, health is not all physical as I’m sure you know. Depression, stress, anxiety, and many other emotional and internal issues can negatively affect our overall health. I believe that all parts need to be in balance in order for you to feel your best. I feel so strongly about this issue that I am currently working towards obtaining my Master’s degree in Health Psychology. The mind plays a huge role in our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with our decisions of what to eat.

All that being said, I am SO excited to be starting this journey with you all and I cannot wait to share my ideas throughout this process. Some people would say I am a “bad” dietitian because I love all sweets, am terrible at cooking, always request steak on my birthday, and really enjoy lazy days around the house. But I think that is what makes me a great dietitian. I want to be relatable to ALL people and help each individual on their own journey towards health.