Soooooooo many Bright Spots to report!

  1. Stephanie Belanger recently achieved her first Double Unders.  BOOM!
  2. Robin Goddard – a new member – is doing amazing things in his first few weeks here and he is LOVING IT!  He’s even joined the crazy 0500 crew!  KEEP IT UP!
  3. On the Weightlifting front Eloisa and Tamera are killin’ it with recent PR’s on the Bench Press (Eloisa with 20lbs!) and the Snatch (Tam with 10lbs!)  Keep it up my ladies!
  4. Our first ever “Get Out of the Box” event was a big success!  GREAT IDEA McCall!
  5. Howell Faust is showing GREAT progress in his OHS!  Score one for the “mature” guys Howell!
  6. Our newest team member and ASF Registered Dietitian, Kayla Michaud is just ALMOST ready to start taking clients!  She will begin taking appointments in June.  Monday’s are wide open so if you want to work with her, email info@alwaysstrongtn.com and McCall will get you on the schedule!
  7. Our newest Personal Training clients are making big strides!  WAY TO GO Jarred Stacey,&  Tiffany Sommadossi!