Fried Chicken and Muscles


Here I am in day three of detox. Detox from what? Well, it was a fabulous weekend chock-full of celebration and tradition. What that really means is it was a weekend of eating all the things.

  • Friday evenings are Pizza Night in our family. At the Ball field, on vacation or moving across country, it is a tradition and we don’t budge on that one. So there’s STRIKE ONE!
  • STRIKE TWO comes in the form of a Mexican Fiesta we indulged in for Cinco De Mayo. We celebrated right!! Let’s be honest, who has any form of self-control around a bowl of salsa and warm tortilla chips?
  • Onto to the final blow and STRIKE THREE, Nick’s Birthday! Aye! Cinnamon rolls, Sloppy Joe’s, Granny’s mac n’ cheese (think Paula Deen!) and a big ole’ frosted cookie cake!

We very much enjoyed all of it and it was a wonderful weekend of fun family fellowship!  Yet here I am, crashed and burning! It genuinely takes me a good 3-4 days of detox to get myself back on track and back in training mode. It is most certainly a set-back to any goals that I may have set for myself and that Suuuuuuuuks.

What is good to know is we have all been in this spot before. I don’t regret the choices I made over the weekend but I do know how tough it’s going to be to get back on track! That’s the key though. You have to get right back on track! I have learned over the past few years, through many trials and fails, that food plays a HUGE role in my daily life. If I eat bad I will run bad, and NOT JUST IN THE GYM.  Bad food choices will impact every aspect of my life and I will definitely pay the piper with a few bad runs. Sometimes I am willing to make that sacrifice, other times I am not. What is so important to remember is that you will never really “win the game” while eating unhealthy foods even if you are religious in your training. IT WON’T WORK. Garbage in equals garbage out. PERIOD.

Hey! I LOVE eating healthy and I LOVE running and I LOVE fitness and I LOVE feeling amazing and energized and strong BUT I also LOOOOoooove funnel cakes and fried chicken!  As much as I want those things to go together they just don’t. They never will. So I find balance. I weigh my decisions on where I am on the road to my goals and go with it. I also have a tribe of friends that I talk to and laugh with about the other than excellent nutrition choices that WE ALL MAKE.  When you have a good crew we encourage each other, dust ourselves off and jump back into the game. That’s all we can do, right. Jump back in! Nutrition is so personal but nobody can outrun (no pun intended) or outtrain a bad diet!

REMEMBER:  One cheat meal won’t make you fat, just like one clean meal won’t make you lean. You’ve got to practice self discipline to have more “on” days than “off”.  The key is to find your healthy moderation, enjoy your life, and meet your goals. You CAN have both!