Amazing Family

Hey guys!  What a week we had at ASF!

We are so thankful to be celebrating our 4th year in our awesome facility TODAY!  SEE YOU AT 5PM!! It’s the culminating event of our Friday Night Lights and the celebration of all of you!  We are thankful you choose ASF as your place to improve your overall wellness and reach your fitness goals!

Speaking of improvement… SheelyAnn from the 0930 crew made great strides in her core stability this week and killed some strict push-ups with no overextension of her back!

Last but certainly not least, we have 3 teams competing this weekend at the Dunbar Cave “Battle At The Lab”.  Good luck to Joey and trainer-in training Jeff Novenario, Rayna and Kristen – all from the 0500 crew – and Coach Dee and his buddy Dennis from River to River Fitness – West Paducah, KY!  KILL IT!