Bright Spots Friday

Sooooooooo, this week we have a couple of bright spots related to mobility.

Cierra Pfeiffer is first up – she has seen considerable improvement in shoulder pain by

  1. performing two simple stretches (given to her by coach Kelly)
  2. listening to her body to temporarily avoid any painful movement

I too have seen some amazing things happening with my knee. I have been able to run more in the last two weeks than I have in years.  I credit the improvement in my joint pain to three things.

  1.  my diet is fairly clean. I eat LOTS of whole foods whenever I’m hungry and try to stay away from sugar and processed anything. (I said try people, one cannot be faulted for the occasional sour patch kid binge….)
  2. I too have been performing more post workout mobility work.  I’ve focused on my glutes/hips.  I even found out with Kelly’s help that while my hamstrings can stretch for miles my adductors are tiiiiiiiight.
  3. Last and probably least, I am listening to my body more.  In the past I always pushed through whatever pain I was feeling, but in recent years I’ve realized I ain’t as good as I once was 😉 so I need to slow down a bit and enjoy the ride that is being fit.

Bottom line here is start with a few things, changes you know you should make – like warming up properly, and taking the time to stretch and mobilize after class. You will see be surprised at just how quickly you can see improvement. With even a little focus in this area, you will move better and you will feel better!

Now go be Gumby!