#gogolsgirlruns… Meet your first ever Always Strong “Couch to 5k” coach!

January 2014 I was searching. I needed an over-haul. I needed to come out of my mom bod shell and sparkle again.  Little did I know that saying yes to a 5k would be the A-Ha moment for me.  Girl, here is your sparkle back! I logged in and signed up. This will be easy. No big deal, right? After all, I was an All-State Athlete in High School (yeah, in the 90’s) surely I could smoke through this 3.1 miles with ease.  I went out a bought some “running” shoes.  I picked them out because I liked the color. They looked very runner appropriate.  Race day… I started off feeling pretty good and pretty much too fast. At ½ mile in I was toast. OMG! My lungs were on fire and my whole body was screaming! Seriously, McCall? You haven’t done an iota of exercise since 1996, plus four kids, and you thought this would play out well?

Anyways I finished that awful decision in 47:00. I was broke off and my super fit buff Marine Corps husband took a picture and shared it with the world. Thanks babe.  I collected my medal and t-shirt and went home, mopey. I sat in an Epsom salt bath for hours! WTH?!  I can do better than this. I hated the whole experience but it sparked something. My heart needed that spark. I could NOT just walk away like that. I am going to do BIGGER and BETTER! Two Days later I signed up for the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon. It has been WIN WIN and uphill since. I can’t express to you what running gave back to me. It’s an overwhelming feeling, and one that I find difficult to accurately portray. You have to experience it for yourself.  It’s hard, dam hard sometimes, but it is so worth it! I can never repay my friend that begged me to run that 5k with her.  I have accomplished impossible feats because of her simple request.

The above is just a tad of my running journey. There are so many stories, adventures, bloopers, and occasional stupidity that I would love to share. Whether you are searching for that spark, want to add an endurance aspect to your training, want to run your first 5K or just better your best time, I am here to help you along your journey! Who knows… maybe together we can even help you find YOUR A-HA moment in running!





PSS – The first ever ASF Couch to 5K/10K training begins on 26-March. Email info@alwaysstrongtn.com for details and to join this cool kids club!  😉

My Journey:

-Resolution Run 5k (THE LIFE CHANGER, JAN 2014)

-Pink Heels 5k

-Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon x3

-Blue and Grey Half Marathon

-Marine Corps 1775 x2

-Marine Corps Marathon x2

-Marine Corps Half Marathon Camp Lejeune x3

-Run for the Fallen 10k

-Engineers Mud Run 5 Miler

-Emerald Isle Half Marathon x2

-Jingle Bell Jog 5k x2

-Turkey Run 5k x2

-Chevy Shuffle 5k

-Stroller Warriors Half Marathon x2

-Stroller Warriors 10k x2

-Dry Creek Trail Half Marathon

-Night Train Ultra 50k