Bright Spots Friday… new people, new programs

Weeeeeeelll, The 2018 Open has been HOT so far and tonight will be no exception!  80’s night tonight will no doubt be a HUGE bright spot of the week, but here are a few others!

  1. Jeff Novenario and Hannah Maloney have entered the TIT program at ASF!  We are excited to bring these two into the fold and see what they can do.  You will be seeing them around more classes watching and soaking in all the knowledge and experience your ASF coaches have to offer!
  2. We’ve also got some new programs in the works… first out of the gate is going to be the “You CAN Run It” training program led by McCall Gogol!  If you haven’t met her yet you are certainly missing out!  She has a passion for all things nutrition and fitness but ESPECIALLY for running…  I know weird right?!  😉    ***Pssssst, the 12 week program begins on 26-March so email me if you are interested!
  3. Coach Laura says that Kelly Doyal a 4 months old member is absolutely killing it everyday!!  Keep up the hard work Kelly!
  4. Coach Kelly says she saw a new look of perseverance and determination in Brittany Walker!  She’s been with us since December!  AWESOME JOB!