Bright Spots Friday

Sooooooo, Bright Spots for the week…

  1. We have had SO much fun this week with Friday Night Lights recruiting!  ALREADY with the smack talk by some folks (Graeme and JP) who think they’re in it for a 3-Peat!
  2. BIG Bright Spot for this community is the beginning of Steve Haston’s coaching training!  He is officially the newest TIT (Trainer In Training people…  eeeeeasy now!) Steve was not new to CF when he came to ASF, but he has openly shared his love of our philosophies, and the excellence of our coaches!  We are SO THANKFUL to welcome him to the team and look forward to getting him through the the train-up and onto the coaching floor!
  3. Last but not least… These amazing 0830 people!  So glad to have them
  • Sheely Ann Brinkley
  • Hannah Maloney
  • Eloisa Knight
  • Britt’n Morrison
  • Laura Schroeder
  • Steve Haston
  • McCall Gogol