The 2018 CF Open/Friday Night Lights Prep Course

Whether you are participating in The Official 2018 CF Open or you prefer the fun of our Friday Night Lights (OR BOTH) there are certain skills and movements we all know are sure to make an appearance during the annual five week competition!

If you want to learn some of these skills for the first time, or you desire to improve your technique so you can be more efficient throughout the 2018 Open season, you won’t want to miss this opportunity for specialized attention and training.

Your stellar ASF coaches will offer you a 4 week Open Prep Course focusing on these movements!  This is your opportunity to REALLY DIG into the complexities of movements we are likely to see in The Open and improve your efficiency across the board.  The course outline is as follows:

3-February – Thrusters/WallBalls/Rowing/DU

*Coaches Laura and Reagan will take you through the finer points of these movements, and teach you how to become more efficient in each of them.  These movements are often overlooked as “easy”, but they are also prime movements for showing virtuosity.  Virtuosity is doing the common uncommonly well and when that happens, good movement becomes great movement, efficiency abounds, and performance improves!

10-February – Pulling Gymnastics Movements: Kipping/Butterfly/Bar MU/Ring MU

*Coaches Dee and Katie will be back at it with help in both kipping varieties of the Pull-Up and the Muscle Ups.  This class is for those athletes that are already Pull-Up Kip capable (or dang near to it), but need help honing the skill.  Poor core activation and lack of control in the kip plague these movements and this is your chance to learn from the masters.

17-February – Pushing Gymnastics Movements: HSPU/Ring Dips/Cycling Barbell & DB movements

*The dreaded Handstand Push Up.  We know it’s coming and so many struggle when they shouldn’t.  Coaches Reagan and Dave will discuss proper head and hand placement, pushing through at the top, and the need to flex the feet in the HSPU.  We will talk Ring Dips as well b/c most people REALLY need help with this movement.  Last but not least, we will help you improve your cycle time in the pressing movements as well as the olympic movements (barbell & DB)

Course classes will be from 0700 to 0830 on the above outlined days.

Cost for the course is $40 for all 3 training sessions or $15 for each individual class.

The Open is a time of potentially great achievement for all who participate regardless of ability. We hope you are getting excited and we hope you will take advantage of this unique learning opportunity!

Email to reserve your spot in the course TODAY!  Space is limited.