Bright Spots Friday

With all the snow and limited class times this week, our Bright Spots are few, but certainly no less BRIGHT!

Today I want to highlight a new family member who has absolutely just embraced our crazy ASF culture!

McCall Gogol has been with us for about a month. She says she doesn’t like to exercise, yet she runs Ultra Marathons…. weird.  Well, after a month of CrossFit she is seeing definition in her arms!  Upper body strength is not this long distance runners thing, but she is putting in the work on her pull ups!  This week she learned the banded version as well as jumping pull-ups! Here’s a picture of she and her man Nick (also a member) who is also crushing this new found fitness methodology!  So glad to have them both!

Burn class was HOPIN’ on Tuesday and we MAY have even convinced two of our Burn ladies to participate in Friday Night Lights!  Come on Whitney Boyd and Joni Haston!  You WILL NOT regret it!  😉

Karel Biggs gets another mention this week for performing snatches in a WOD for the VERY FIRST TIME!  Way to go Karel!

LAST, BUT PROBABLY MOST IMPORTANT:  No children were harmed this week and none of our mommas are wearing orange…  Y’all know what I mean!